Japanese Communicaiton Services




Have you been frustrated with your Japanese staff?

With the Japanese language?

Or even just with the culture itself?

 “It can be so frustrating!”



Maybe you have been in the country for a couple of months or a couple of years. You know you should study more about the Japanese language and communicate better with your Japanese staff and clients. But it just seems so hard. The language is so complicated and the people so indirect. You are not getting anywhere. It feels like hitting a frustrating brick wall.




But if you do not work on getting better, you could be stuck in a corner, not accomplishing anything, and hating every minute of your stay in Japan. This has been the experience of several of our students before coming to GCS Learn.




Some of you have been to normal Japanese language schools. Schools with fixed times and fixed textbooks with fixed ways of doing things. These schools work with a lot of students at one time and cannot accommodate you or your special needs. You may have tried for a while, but work got in the way, you may have lost interest or simply dropped out. You are now stuck, and it is hard to move forward again.




Some of you have done moderately well in learning the Japanese language itself, but for some reason keep running into problems in talking easily and naturally with your Japanese staff and colleagues. It feels like there always seems to be some invisible wall that stands between you and other Japanese. If you keep going the way you always have, you will not improve and you will not be successful in Japan.




“Before GCS Learn, I had learned Japanese in different schools for years, without being able to reach more than early intermediate level. I could reach advanced business level thanks to the GCS Learn method.” <Theo O.>”




GCS Learn is here to help you with not only your Japanese language skills, but with all aspects of interacting with Japanese and being successful in Japan. We are here to solve your problems completely.




 “I of course improved a lot of my Japanese but more than that I was able to focus on the specific areas I needed for my job. Indeed, the teacher was able to quickly learn about my job and adapt her lesson to my needs, look for the proper vocabulary and really help me in a short amount of time. It is more than a simple Japanese lesson. It really made a difference on my daily work and my progression in the company. <Jacque C.>




Tailored just for you



Just like the above, how would it feel for you to not only learn in the way that is the most comfortable for you, but is tailored to fit your specific needs with the problems you are facing right now? GCS Learn`s methods are based on a very flexible learning system that incorporates both brain science and also cultural awareness so that each lesson is adopted for each student`s learning and cultural preferences. In fact, GCS Learn`s trainers have used these methods for students from more than 20 countries across five continents.  




“In my case I am a visual learner so I NEED to see things to remember, my teacher made me tons of kanjis flash cards as well as Japanese grammar one page diagrams.”  <Jean J.>




Based on brain science



Basic psychology states that both right brain and left brained people learn differently. Also, some people are Visual, Auditory or even Kinetic learners. GCS Learn`s methods use visual learning for visual learners, logical diagrams for left brained people, etc.




Also, our trainers know that the brain hates open loops and is distracted by them. These could be various people problems that our students are faced in the work place or privately. GCS Learn is different from other schools in that our trainers do not immediately start on a lesson while the student is distracted with what happened outside the class. Instead our trainers are trained to use a special clearing technique to allow students get the distractions out of their head, so they can focus and do better on their lessons. Not only that, this technique helps our trainers focus the lesson, so that the student`s particular problem can be resolved. 




How do you know what style works for me?



GCS Learn use simple tests to determine which learning style works will work for you and its trainers will then provide lessons that work with that style. GCS Learn has materials for all kinds of styles and each trainer is taught to use only the one that fits their student’s current needs.




“One thing very specific to this service is their adaptation. Not only do they adapt the content, but they also adapt the process. Depending on the student`s learning pattern, they will change their approach so that the lesson is as efficient as possible”. <Jorge K.>




Also, most of our classes are small so we can more easily tailor the content and approach in a style that is just for you. Typical size can be from 1-3 students.




Most classes are too academic and too boring. Why should I join?



Our lessons are not boring as having fun during the lesson is vitally important. We know the brain doesn`t remember boring stuff very well. On the other hand educational and entertaining lessons are more easily remembered. So, lessons are tailored to your interests in a way that works for you.




 “I was very pleasantly surprised by the great experience of our teacher and the content that was tailored for our needs: how to actively understand our Japanese clients needs, interact productively and strengthen business ties. The format of the lessons with communication case studies and presentation trainings was also very educating yet entertaining. <Michael C.>




I am so busy. Can you fit me into my schedule?



GCS Learn trainers work on an adaptable schedule to fit your particular needs. If you sign up for our VIP program we can even come and meet you at a location that you request. Lessons can be regularly scheduled or made flexible depending on the demands of your time. Just let us know and we will be happy to work with you.




Are the classes expensive?



Compared to normal Japanese classes, our lessons are slightly more expensive. However, our focus is not on just learning to technically speak Japanese well, but to use Japanese so you can succeed in the work place and in your private life. If you consider how much not being able to use Japanese well to actually communicate with people is costing you in time, in stress, and also in promotions that do not come your way, our lessons give you 10 times that value. 




Interested in learning about our program?



Since you are probably interested in learning more about our lessons and how we can better help you please contact us here. Or you can send an email "mami.taga.1221@gmail.com". As there is a lot of demand for our time we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hrs.




More comments from our students:



“The lesson is always well prepared, with all the previous lesson's points summarized. You can really ask what you want to learn, the lesson is completely adapted to our needs.” <Brain R.>




My teacher has been always flexible and adjusting to my request, especially about how to handle business specific situations or customer presentation in Japanese.” <Ricardo P.>




“As my level of Japanese was already advanced, I was looking for an experienced Japanese professor who could teach me more than simply Japanese, and I have not been disappointed. I highly recommend GCS Learn Japanese for their professionalism and knowledge sharing.” <Carlos H.>